Ross Family Barn

The table l built for Anthony Ross is one of my favorite stories to date. He called me from his hometown, almost 3 hours away, and asked if I’d be willing to build him a table. This was totally normal. It happens all the time. But then he said,  “Actually, I need three tables.” I grew more intrigued. As we talked style, he went on to say, “I’ve got the wood already”…again, more intrigued!

Long story short, he had an old barn on his property (photo below) that was in process of being torn down, and he wanted to build a dining table for he and his wife, as well as a coffee table for each of their two sons. Needless to say, I’m a sucker for family heirloom type stuff, so this was a project that needed to be shared. I think it's so cool that though the barn is gone, he will have beautiful furniture that gets used and gathered around for years. In fact, 8 months later, his brother in law brought me more of the same wood for yet another dining table. Have a look at that process: